Home Video – That You Might.

Home Video That You Might 10 inch vinyl Warp Records IDM single
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Home Video – That You Might. 10 inch record.

Home Video’s Collin Ruffino and David Gross first connected in 1997 through a high school art class in their home city of New Orleans . Outside of school their creative partnership blossomed with David starring in a video short directed by film enthusiast Collin.

Both had an active but very different interest in music. Collin was the head to toe black clad kid, into alternative rock and in a band called The Great And Secret Show. David on the other hand, was a classically trained pianist who’d had little exposure to anything other than classical music until meeting Collin.

After hearing a tape of Collin’s band, David became immersed in new styles of music that he’d previously ignored and eventually became keyboard player for The Great And Secret Show.

They temporarily parted ways after high school as David left New Orleans to study music and philosophy in Boston, while Collin moved to New York to study film. They kept in touch with each other during those years, making music together over the summer breaks.

The formation of Home Video.

On finishing college, Ruffino and Gross teamed up again in Brooklyn and set about making music. The name Home Video came about in reference to Collin’s long time interest in film.

Home Video became part of the thriving independent music scene taking hold of New York at the start of the new Millenium. At the time New York was home to LCD Soundsystem, Yeah, Yeah Yeahs, Interpol and The Strokes among others.

The duo’s genre fusing indietronica sound fitted perfectly into that scene but it was UK IDM label Warp Records that initially signed them up.

That You Might.

Home Video’s first releases on Warp were the Citizen EP and this 10″ single for That You Might with the Edward Gorey inspired cover art for both records created by Collin Ruffino.

That You Might is an atmospheric blend of indie tinged electronica with a driving industrial beat and a gorgeous looped hook accompanied by Ruffino’s beautifully gloomy distorted vocals.

This song was featured alongside tracks from other New York based groups on the soundtrack for the 2006 PlayStation 2 and Xbox game, Driver: Parallel Lines.

That You Might was later remixed by legendary DJ Sasha for Invol2ver, the second release in his fantastic Involver series of mix albums.

The B-side track is a lovely piece of down tempo electronica reminiscent of tracks by Warp’s better known artists, Autechre and Boards of Canada. This track, Dialogue Box appears with the aforementioned A-side on Home Video’s debut album ‘No Certain Night Or Morning’ along with ‘We’ from the Citizen EP.

Home Video – That You Might.

Home Video – Dialogue Box.

Home Video – That You Might [Sasha Invol2ver remix].

The Cinematic Orchestra – All That You Give Me.

The Cinematic Orchestra with Fontella Bass – All That You Give Me. 12 inch record.

All That You Give Me is a great downtempo jazzy track from The Cinematic Orchestra utilising the incredible vocal talent of Fontella Bass.

The 12 inch on Ninja Tune includes a couple of nice mixes by Matthew Herbert plus the improvised jazz piece, Kalima.

The Cinematic Orchestra with Fontella Bass – All That You Give Me. Official music video.

The Cinematic Orchestra – All That You Give [Herbert’s Raving Mix].

If you’re a jazz lover you may also be interested in this EP by Ella Fitzgerald and Duke Ellington.

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