OFF – Electrica Salsa (Baba Baba).

OFF – Electrica Salsa (Baba Baba). 12″ single .

Electrica Salsa is a track that was ahead of its time when it was released in 1986.

OFF (Organisation For Fun) were a trio consisting of producers Michael Münzing and Luca Anziloti who would later go on to have huge success with Snap!, and a young German DJ named Sven Väth.

Little did we known back then what an influence Sven Väth would have on the dance music world. Papa Sven is now widely regarded as the father of trance music as well as being one of the top DJs of the last forty years.

Sven Väth has maintained a love affair with Ibiza throughout his career and therefore it’s no surprise that Electrica Salsa is very much a Balearic anthem. There’s a Mediterranean ambience that drifts through the track, warming Electrica Salsa’s colder new beat sound and mellowing Väth’s quite harsh Teutonic vocals.

Personally, I always preferred the dub version minus the spoken verses but the original has grown on me over the decades. You can listen to both versions below and decide what one you prefer. Take your pick!

OFF – Electrica Salsa (Baba Baba). Official music video.

OFF – Electrica Salsa [Dub Version].

Equipment Used On Electrica Salsa.

According to what’s written on the back of the record sleeve, here is a list of the equipment used to make Electrica Salsa. If you want to replicate it yourself, you’ll need a Mercedes Benz 305 car door and a Coca Cola bottle!

  • Yamaha TX 816
  • Super Jupiter MKS 80
  • Akai S900
  • Roland TR 808
  • Roland TR 505
  • PPG 2.3 Wave Term
  • Glass voice (Coca Cola bottle 0.2)
  • Car door (Mercedes Benz 305)
  • SBX 80 (SMPTE offset 10 24 32)

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Alton McClain & Destiny – My Destiny.

Alton McClain & Destiny – My Destiny. 12″ vinyl promo.

Alton McClain & Destiny were a short lived R’n’B / disco girl group composed of Alton McClain, D’Marie Warren and Robyrda Stiger.

My Destiny was the brilliant opening track on their 1981 album ‘Gonna Tell The World’ but unfortunately it wasn’t a commercial success.

Due to poor sales of the album, the trio split up later that year. McClain went on to have a career as a soul and gospel artist, while Warren and Stiger became members of all girl group Krystol.

Sadly D’Marie Warren died in a car crash in 1985 at the age of 32.

Alton McClain & Destiny – My Destiny [Long Version].

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