Shades Of Rhythm – Homicide / Exorcist.

Shades Of Rhythm Homicide Exorcist 12 inch record
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Shades Of Rhythm – Homicide / Exorcist. 12 inch single.

Shades Of Rhythm released one of the biggest UK techno records of the early nineties in Homicide/ Exorcist. The question it has always posed for listeners though is ‘What is your favourite track?’. One of the title tracks perhaps or maybe you prefer Homicidal or the Homicide Remix? All amazing tunes!

When the record was first released I don’t think that I could actually choose one track over another as they all had their own qualities and place in a DJ set. These days, though, I would have to say Homicide is the tune that makes the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end whenever I hear it. I wouldn’t say I prefer it to the other tracks on the single but for me it evokes memories of the early ’90s and raving to bleepy techno more than the others. For nostalgia alone Homicide has to be the one for me!

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Shades Of Rhythm – Homicide.

Shades Of Rhythm – Homicide Remix. Official music video.

S/O/R – Exorcist.

S/O/R – Homicidal.

Raw Stylus – Use Me.

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Raw Stylus – Use Me. 12 inch single.

Raw Stylus – Use Me. Official music video.

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