Kenickie – Millionaire Sweeper.

Kenickie Millionaire Sweeper 7 inch record
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Kenickie – Millionaire Sweeper. 7 inch single.

Kenickie were just one of many indie bands trying to make a name for themselves during the Brit Pop phenomenon of the nineties.

Although Kenickie never made a huge impact on the charts they were regular featured in the music press, mainly thanks to lead singer Lauren Laverne’s offbeat personality.

While the group itself didn’t last past the decade, Lauren Laverne went on to bigger things, becoming the voice and face of British music with her own radio shows and regular appearances on popular TV programmes.

Kenickie – Millionaire Sweeper.

Kenickie – Millionaire Sweeper. Live performance @ The Garage. London. 1997.

Arrested Development – People Everyday.

Arrested Development – People Everyday. 7 inch single.

Arrested Development – People Everyday. Official music video.

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