MGMT – Electric Feel.

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MGMT – Electric Feel 7" 2008. Purple vinyl.

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MGMT – Electric Feel. 7 inch purple vinyl.

Electric Feel was MGMT’s second release from their debut album Oracular Spectacular and became a huge hit for the group.

Although Electric Feel appealed to indie rockers and electronic music lovers alike, for the electronica diehards there was also the Grammy Award winning remix by French duo Justice.

Having directed the video for MGMT’s previous single, Ray Tintori was tasked with directing two different videos for Electric Feel.

The official video is set in a magical forest and features the animatronic band The Rock-afire Explosion who performed at US restaurant chain ShowBiz Pizza Place during the 1980s.

The other video was created for an interactive video game that was available on the band’s website and was included on the enhanced CD version of the Oracular Spectacular album.

It enabled fans to create their own psychedelic version of the Electric Feel video by changing a multitude of different backgrounds and layers.

MGMT – Electric Feel. Official music video.

MGMT – Electric Feel. Alternative video.

MGMT – Electric Feel [Justice Remix].

Electric Feel Interactive Music Videos.

MGMT – Electric Feel. Interactive music video. Playlist of various user created videos.

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Caesars – Jerk It Out.

Caesars – Jerk It Out. 7 inch blue vinyl.

Caesars – Jerk It Out. Official music video.

Caesars hit it big in 2005 with the re-release of their 2002 track Jerk It Out. Formerly known as Caesars Palace, the band shortened their name to Caesars to avoid any legal disputes with the Las Vegas hotel of the same name.

The Swedish group had been releasing music since 1995 and were successful in their native country but remained relatively unknown outside of Scandinavia. All that changed with the release of Jerk It Out.

Jerk It Out is an ad man’s dream. It was used in numerous adverts and video games during the 2000’s. However, it was a commercial for Apple’s new iPod shuffle that brought it to the attention of millions of music lovers.

That now iconic ad propelled Jerk It Out to number 8 in the UK charts and was so successful it was stated on hype stickers for the vinyl and CD re-releases “as heard in the iPod Shuffle commercial”.

It seems rather ironic that an advertisement for a device designed for listening to digital downloads was being hijacked to sell records and CDs, the formats that the iPod was making obsolete!

The iPod shuffle was discontinued in 2017 but Jerk It Out is still going strong with over 100 million streams on Spotify alone.

iPod shuffle Commercial. 2005. Featuring Jerk It Out by Caesars.

Media Featuring Jerk It Out.

Here are some of the most notable uses of Caesars’ Jerk It Out in popular films, commercials and video games.

  • Robot Food’s snowboarding movie Afterbang.
  • First generation iPod shuffle commercial.
  • Renault Mégane car advert.
  • Channel 4 TV show Teachers. Included on the series 3 soundtrack.
  • EA Sports SSX3 snowboarding game.
  • FIFA 2004 and 2008 video games.
  • Just Dance Wii game.

Afterbang Movie.

Robot Food Afterbang snowboarding film. Soundtrack featuring music including Caesars’ Jerk It Out.

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