UB40 – King / Food For Thought.

UB40 King and Food For Thought 7 inch single. Also in this post The Lambrettas D-a-a-ance picture disc.

UB40 – King / Food For Thought. 7 inch single.

UB40’s double A-side record featured two powerful tracks from their debut album Signing Off.

King was their rather forlorn observation of what had become of Martin Luther King’s legacy in the years since his death.

With Food For Thought, UB40 took a sneering look at the hypocrisy of celebrating Christmas by gorging on food and drink while people in parts of Africa starved.

By releasing this as a single they made a huge number of listeners at the time aware of the plight of those people and the ineffectiveness of politicians to help alleviate their situation.

It probably wasn’t until Do They Know It’s Christmas Time four years later that a group of musicians would be able to convey that message to the masses so effectively again.

UB40 – Food For Thought. Official music video.

UB40 – King. Live @ Rockpalast.

The Lambrettas – D-a-a-ance.

The Lambrettas – D-a-a-ance. 7 inch limited edition picture disc.

The Lambrettas – D-a-a-ance. Top of the Pops performance. 1980.