How Vinyl Community was born.

Vinyl Community started on Instagram in 2017 where several of us began posting as @Vinyl_Community. Those of us involved are currently spread across the world, have been collecting vinyl (and tapes, and CDs) for many years and all have what we believe to be fairly decent record collections.

Some of us have been music blogging or posting our records on Instagram for quite a few years and we thought it would be nice to do something all together for a change so @Vinyl_Community was born to allow all of us to post on the same page!

We’ve had fun doing that and of course from seeing and interacting with posts from other members of the vinyl community on Instagram. We’ve loved it so much in fact that we’ve started this website to highlight some of those posts and to add full length music or videos to the pretty pictures we post of records on IG!

About us.

On our Instagram we try not to post too many of the records we see other people posting, not that we don’t like those records but we just want to be a bit different! Therefore, you probably won’t see many of the “must have” albums or ‘birthday posts’ (today this record was 27 years old!!) from us.

Also, we’re all rather fond of electronic music from krautrock, synthpop and electro to acid house, techno and IDM, so expect plenty of that! Oh, and we like singles. While the majority of #vinylcommunity posts tend to be for LPs, we’ve all grown up spinning singles on the ones and twos and many of our favourite tracks never managed to make it to album! For us the 12 inch record is king (unless it’s Queen… or Prince, or Princess).

We don’t really care about rarity, how much a record is worth, what pressing it is or any of that other elitist nonsense, what’s really important is the music that’s on it. And yes, some of our records are tatty, very tatty in fact! That’s because they’ve been played a lot and been in and out of the shelves and record boxes and played out. They’ve been loved and appreciated the way they were meant to be.

Playing records is our passion and we hope you’ll share it with us and the Vinyl Community!

Please follow us on Instagram (and Twitter) @Vinyl_Community and feel free to comment on our posts or drop us a message any time, after all this is a community!