Beaumont – This Is… LP.

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Beaumont – This Is… (2000) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ This one’s special for me. Been looking for this for a while and finally managed to get it thanks to @primitive_painter finding it for me last year on his travels to Spain. Blueboy was probably my favourite Sarah Records band and when it all ended with Sarah Records, there was a sadness. Even though I loved the band, their last release as Blueboy, The Bank Of England, never felt quite right for me. Then they resurfaced as Arabesque on the Spanish label Siesta before changing to the more apt name of Beaumont. Their debut album under the new name felt truly like the follow-up album to their masterpiece Unisex. I have previously posted the CD of the album, but revisiting it on vinyl is always a happy affair. Their easy, effortless, sophisticated tunes a testament to Keith and Paul’s musical genius. It's a throwback to a nostalgic London, totally out of step at the turn of the new millennium, yet so perfectly timeless it still glides and glows as beautifully as it has ever been. Theirs was a strange brew of classic pop, indie sensibility, Cafe jazz, bossa nova, easy listening which should never work but the end result is just perfect. There was nothing like them, and unlikely to ever be. Rest well Keith and thanks for the wondrous music. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ #beaumont #blueboy #sarahrecords #siestarecords #ihaveathingforvinyl #vinyladdicted

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Beaumont – This Is… LP.

Album Tracks.

Beaumont – Hey Barbara.

Beaumont – Girls And Maths.

Beaumont – Love Is… 1968.

Beaumont – Cross Country.