Chapterhouse – Whirlpool LP.

Chapterhouse – Whirlpool. LP.

Chapterhouse have become synonymous with the shoegaze scene of the nineties and have no doubt inspired many artists to make similar music over the years.

Whirlpool is one of the albums that best defines that scene with its effect laden tracks that blend the band’s instruments and vocals together into one phantasmagorical sound.

The LP includes some wonderful songs, most notably the epic Treasure and the singles Falling Down and Pearl, the latter having the bonus of featuring the ethereal vocals of Slowdive’s Rachel Goswell.

While Chapterhouse never achieved huge commercial success, they stayed true to their music and maintained a dedicated following. Listening to them today, they sound much more current than a lot of other bands from that time period so if you haven’t paid much attention to them before, now’s the time!

Album Tracks.

Chapterhouse – Breather.

Chapterhouse – Pearl. Official music video.

Chapterhouse – Treasure.

Chapterhouse – Falling Down. Official music video.

Chapterhouse – April.

Chapterhouse – Something More. Official music video.

Expanded album playlist.

Chapterhouse – Whirlpool [Expanded Edition]. Full album playlist.

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