Hot Chip – Late Night Tales Compilation LP.

Hot Chip – Late Night Tales Compilation. Double LP.

“I’ve been a long time fan of both Hot Chip and the LateNightTales compilation series. Some LNT favorites are Friendly Fires, MGMT and BADBADNOTGOOD. The basic idea around these comps is to let the featured band select music they love or maybe were influenced by. Often as a bonus there’s an exclusive new or unreleased song by the featured artist.

On the Hot Chip LNT there isn’t just one new track… there’s 4!!!!!

Including a cover of the Velvet Underground’s “Candy Says” which doesn’t disappoint. But what has put this comp on my best of 2020 list is the two tracks on side D by the band.
Both “Worlds Within Worlds” and “None Of These Things” are simply bliss.

I have only taken the record off to take this picture since I bought it. To quote another song from Hot Chip… I’ve been playing it “over and over and over and over” 😉


Album Tracks.

Hot Chip – Candy Says.

Fever Ray – To The Moon And Back.

Mike Salta – Hey Moloko.

Hot Chip – Nothing’s Changed.

Hot Chip – None Of These Things.

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Full Album Playlist

Hot Chip – Late Night Tales. Full album playlist.

Album Tracklist.

  1. Christina Vantzou – ‘At Dawn’
  2. Hot Chip – ‘Nothing’s Changed’ (Exclusive track)
  3. Rhythm & Sound ft. Cornell Campbell – ‘King In My Empire’
  4. Pale Blue – ‘Have You Passed Through This Night’
  5. Suzanne Kraft – ‘Femme Cosmic’
  6. Fever Ray – ‘To The Moon And Back’
  7. PlanningToRock – ‘Much To Touch’
  8. Charlotte Adigery – ‘1,618’
  9. Mike Salta – ‘Hey Moloko’
  10. Matthew Bourne – ‘Somewhere I Have Never Travelled’
  11. Hot Chip – ‘Candy Says’ (Velvet Underground cover version – Exclusive track)
  12. Kaitlyn Aurelia Smith – ‘Who I Am & Why I Am Where’
  13. Beatrice Dillon – ‘Workaround Two’
  14. Hot Chip – ‘Worlds Within Worlds’ (Exclusive track)
  15. Daniel Blumberg – ‘The Bomb’
  16. Nils Frahm – ‘Ode’
  17. Hot Chip – ‘None Of These Things’ (Exclusive track)
  18. Neil Taylor – ‘Finnegans Wake’ excerpt (Exclusive track)
This and other albums in the Late Night Tales series can be purchased directly from the LateNightTales website.

Hot Chip – Late Night Tales Continuous Mix.

Over an hour long mix of tracks from Hot Chip’s Late Night Tales compilation album.

Listen to all the tracks from this compilation on our Spotify Playlist.