Queen – News of the World LP

Queen – News Of The World on vinyl. Gatefold LP.

Queen made some of the most iconic rock albums of the 1970s, of which News of the World is one. It’s probably the most instantly recognisable Queen album thanks to its giant robot cover, more recently immortalised in a truly brilliant episode of Family Guy!

Family Guy Killer Queen. Brian shows Stewie a copy of Queen's News Of The World album on vinyl.
Brian shows Stewie the giant robot!

Aside from the amazing cover art by Frank Kelly Freus, News of the World features several of Queen’s best loved songs, including the anthemic We Will Rock You and We Are The Champions. Roger Taylor’s punk inspired Sheer Heart Attack and the dark but beautiful All Dead, All Dead written and sung by Brian May, make up the opening four tracks on the album.

Spread Your Wings written by John Deacon and another six quality Queen songs by Freddie Mercury and co. make this a classic must have album for any record collector.

Album Tracks.

Queen – We Will Rock You. Official music video.

Queen – We Are The Champions. Official music video.

Queen – Sheer Heart Attack. Live in Houston. December 1977.

Queen – All Dead, All Dead. 40th anniversary hybrid version.

Combining the original album version with the Raw Sessions rough mix with lead vocals by Freddie Mercury and featuring a new official music video.

Queen – Spread Your Wings. Official music video.

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Extended Album Playlist.

Queen – News Of The World. Full album playlist plus Raw Sessions and live versions of the album songs.

News Of The World Tracklisting.

  1. We Will Rock You
  2. We Are The Champions
  3. Sheer Heart Attack
  4. All Dead, All Dead
  5. Spread Your Wings
  6. Fight From The Inside
  7. Get Down, Make Love
  8. Sleeping On The Sidewalk
  9. Who Needs You
  10. It’s Late
  11. My Melancholy Blues

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