Tool | 72826 First Demo + Bonus

Tool – 72826 First Demo + Bonus Unofficial LP. Tool – 72826 First Demo + Bonus. Unofficial LP. 72826 is Tool’s 1991 demo tape made by the band while they were still unsigned and performing on LA’s underground rock scene. The cassette was sold to fans at their gigs for $6 and features early 4-track […]

Maggie Bell | Suicide Sal

Maggie Bell | Suicide Sal LP. Maggie Bell – Suicide Sal. LP. Suicide Sal was the second solo album by Glaswegian singer-songwriter Maggie Bell. After her stint as vocalist with blues rock group Stone The Crows ended, Maggie Bell embarked on a solo career. She released her debut album ‘Queen Of The Night’ before signing […]

Queen | News Of The World

Queen – News of the World LP Queen – News Of The World on vinyl. Gatefold LP. Queen made some of the most iconic rock albums of the 1970s, of which News of the World is one. It’s probably the most instantly recognisable Queen album thanks to its giant robot cover, more recently immortalised in […]

Autechre | Amber

Autechre – Amber LP Autechre – Amber. LP. Album Tracks Autechre – Foil. Autechre – Montreal. Autechre – Slip. Autechre – Piezo. Autechre – Yulquen. Autechre – Nil. Full Album Playlist. Autechre – Amber. Full album playlist. Looking for Autechre’s Amber on vinyl? First check out the Discogs listing for Amber to see what releases […]

Fabrizio Fattori | Mediterranean Africa

Fabrizio Fattori – Mediterranean Africa LP. Fabrizio Fattori – Mediterranean Africa. Limited Edition LP. Album Tracks. Fabrizio Fattori – Running On The Nile. Fabrizio Fattori – Leg Pulling. Fabrizio Fattori – Babe Black [Night Version]. Fabrizio Fattori – Bara-Hum-Ba. Fabrizio Fattori – Babihe. Full Album Playlist. Fabrizio Fattori – Mediterranean Africa. Full album playlist. Follow […]