Compilation Albums | The Unloved Records

Compilation Albums – A Record Buyer’s Guide. Compilation albums are a bit of an anomaly in the Vinyl Community. Search through the vinyl tags on Instagram and you’ll hardly see any compilations, yet there have been thousands upon thousands of them released throughout the history of the record. I’m sure most record collectors own a […]

Band T-shirts And Vinyl | Instagram Record Collectors.

Record Lovers And Band T-shirts. Vinyl T-shirt Tuesday. Record collectors love band T-shirts! Well, that’s our observation from following the Vinyl Community’s Instagram posts. There’s even a hashtag specifically for those of you who want to take selfies with your vinyl whilst wearing a T-Shirt related to your featured record. Although many of you have […]

5 Creative Record Collectors On Instagram

Creative Vinyl Instagram Accounts Today we’re taking a look at a few of the more creative record collectors on Instagram who offer something a little bit different to the usual vinyl posts. The vinyl community on Instagram has grown so much over the last few years and with that growth has come a need to […]

Mionyl | Album Cover Body Art

Record Covers Recreated As Body Art By Mionyl Have you ever contemplated painting the cover of your favourite album on your own face or body? Neither have we, but someone has. Let us introduce you to the album cover body art queen of Instagram! Mionyl – Vinyl And Body Art Enthusiast. Mio Kiora, better known […]