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Queen band t-shirt and a day at the races LP for Vinyl T-shirt Tuesday
Queen T-shirt and A Day At The Races LP for #vinyltshirttuesday

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Welcome to Vinyl T-shirt Tuesday, our new section featuring our favourite posts from the #vinyltshirtuesday tag on Instagram.

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Record Collectors And Their T-shirts.

Weezer – Weezer LP and band T-shirt.

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Now Playing: AC/DC, "Powerage” (Atlantic Records, 1978) Haven’t done a #vinyltshirttuesday post in a while. And with that, I’m gonna fill you in on a secret: “Powerage” is THE BEST AC/DC ALBUM EVER. I’m not joking. Don’t come at me with “Back in Black,” which is a goddamned monster, but not their best album; Brian Johnson’s dick-joke lyrics have aged about as well as the velvet Elvis hanging in your parents’ basement. ******************************** Okay, so why is “Powerage” the best AC/DC album? One, because Keith Richards and Slash have said so (look it up), and because it’s the purest version of AC/DC, raw and under-produced. In many ways, “Powerage” is to AC/DC what “Astral Weeks” is to Van Morrison, or “Exile on Main St.” is to the Stones, an album that doesn’t contain any of each artist’s most famous songs, and undersold when compared to their other albums. Yet “Powerage” is the most consistent, diverse (well, for AC/DC), and dynamic album of their entire catalog. Angus and Malcolm Young don’t just bring the crunch; their twin guitars are far more nuanced than the three-chord blasts common heard on most AC/DC tracks. For instance, the rampaging intro to “Riff Raff” sounds like a Mongol horde storming down the valley, before morphing into a high-temp rave-up. Whereas the AC/DC sound of later years can be accused of being louder and more indulgent, the sounds of the band throughout “Powerage” suggests the Young brothers coming into their own as musicians. “Powerage” is the sound of a band learning how to roll, not just rock. (continued in comments) ********************************

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AC/DC – Powerage LP and T-shirt.

Tahiti 80 – The Sunshine Beat Vol.1 LP and T-shirt.

Babasonicos – Jessico LP and T-shirt.

Black Sabbath – 13 LP and T-shirt.

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