Creative Vinyl Instagram Accounts

Today we’re taking a look at a few of the more creative record collectors on Instagram who offer something a little bit different to the usual vinyl posts.

The vinyl community on Instagram has grown so much over the last few years and with that growth has come a need to stand out in order to get noticed. Not surprisingly, many of the more creative vinyl Instagram accounts are also some of the most popular ones!

While most of us are content just to show off our records, for the person scrolling through their feed it can get a bit monotonous seeing the same album popping up time and time again with very little to differentiate the picture currently on the screen from the one that appeared a few moments ago.

Making Vinyl Interesting.

We try our best to mix things up, try new things and offer original content on our @Vinyl_Community Instagram page as we know many of you also do on yours.

There are some record collectors on Instagram though, who have taken this creativity to the next level with body art, cover recreations, outdoor shoots and dressing up!

Their photos are not just a quick point and click. No, some of these posts have taken days or weeks of planning, creating props and practicing designs before many hours of setting up the shot, getting the lighting right and editing the final photo. All this just for an Instagram post, you’ve got to admire their dedication!

So, if you want to spice up your Instagram scrolling with some pics that will amaze you or simply make you smile, I suggest you follow these five accounts if you’re not doing so already.

5 Creative Record Collectors You Should Be Following.

1. Mionyl

If you’ve been part of the Instagram vinyl community for a while, you’re bound to have come across Mionyl at some point, and are most likely already following her. If not, here’s why you need to be!

Mio is a vinyl collector from Sweden who works in Bengan’s Record Store. Not only does she take some great photos but she also knows her stuff and writes in detail about her own records in her posts. She also happens to be one of the most creative record collectors on Instagram!

I’m sure there are quite a few people who started following Mionyl for the posts where she’s showing off records in her little black dresses or short shorts. Those are all beautifully photographed but even more of us are following her to see the wonderful artistic posts she comes up with.

Mionyl has recreated some of the most iconic album covers as body art using herself as a canvas. Think of the covers for some classic albums. Pink Floyd’s ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’, Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ or King Crimson’s ‘In The Court Of The Crimson King’, she’s done them, and done them brilliantly!

It’s hard enough job copying that artwork onto another person’s face and body but to paint it on yourself, I can only imagine how tricky that must be! Check out her stories to see some of the processes she goes through in creating her masterpieces.

Check out our favourite body art posts from Mionyl.
Swedish vinyl collector Mionyl on Instagram with photos of her record cover body art.

2. Jareds_Wax

Jared is an Australian record collector who clearly likes to have fun with his photos. While a lot of his posts are fairly routine ones of him with his records and set up, they are all beautifully shot. You could easily image some of them as giant billboards advertising an album or maybe a line of headwear!

The quality of his photos immediately sets Jared apart from the majority of us who like to Instagram our vinyl, but what makes his a must follow account are some of his more wacky creative efforts.

Jared is a huge movie buff and that shows with some of his interpretations of film soundtrack albums where he goes the extra mile to get the perfect and often hilarious shot!

Who on Earth would drown themselves in popcorn for an Instagram photo? Jared would of course. I can’t remember what record he was showcasing, but there’s no way I could forget his head quite literally popping of out of that pile of popcorn! Check it out on his page.

As well as being a very creative photographer, Jared is always up for a discussion about records, or films or probably anything else so follow jareds_wax and have a chat with him about his posts.

More posts by jareds_wax on Vinyl Community.
Gorgeous vinyl photos by one of Instagrams creative record collectors jareds_wax

3. Carolsvinyl

Carol is a vinyl junkie, rock chick and general music aficionado from Alabama. She’s also a huge Britney Spears fan – but don’t hold that against her!

Carol is one of the most fun people to follow in the Instagram vinyl community because she writes her posts as if she was there speaking to you. Most of them read like a crazy rambling as she jumps from one thing that she’s thinking to another but she always manages to get her point across, eventually!

Her factual information on the records she’s talking about is not always 100% accurate, especially when it’s a style of music she doesn’t listen to a lot. But what Carol lacks in knowledge of certain genres, she more than makes up for in enthusiasm!

In terms of creativity, dressing up is Carol’s forte and when it comes to cosplaying your record collection, Carol is the Queen! She obviously enjoys becoming her heroes and has transformed herself into many music icons from Gene Simmons to Dolly Parton. I’d be lying if I said all of her cosplays were convincing, some are decidedly dodgy in fact but all of them are huge fun just like Carol herself!

It’s worth following carolsvinyl just to see her getting dressed up as a 1980’s hair metal idol at any excuse!

See other posts from carolsvinyl on Vinyl Community.
Creative vinyl posts from Alabama record collector carolsvinyl on Instagram.

4. Mariella_petralia.

Mariella combines her love of nature with her love of records, in particular her drum and bass 12 inches, something we both share in common.

While Mariella’s posts maybe don’t have the same creativity of the other Instagram accounts mentioned here, her photography is stunningly beautiful.

We’ve been doing the occasional outdoor shoots for some of the records we feature on @Vinyl_Community but none of ours are up to the standard of Mariella’s. She must carry a bag of records with her wherever she goes because they seem to pop up all over the place!

Her nature photos are amazing in themselves but for all us vinyl lovers, throwing a record in the shot puts the icing on the cake!

The thing that always makes me laugh when I see Mariella’s photos on our feed, is that they always look so serene and peaceful yet the records in the pictures are often 150bpm speaker blowers!

If you like pretty flowers, urban landscapes and gorgeous vinyl, follow mariapatella on Instagram.

Artistic record photography by mariella_petralia on Instagram.

5. Articulatedmusic

So here’s something a bit different and for once, the records aren’t the star of the show. Canada’s articulatedmusic combines two of the things they love, music and action figures.

I’ll have to admit, it’s not really my thing, well the action figures part anyway. However, browse Instagram and you’ll soon discover that the action figure community is huge so being part of both that and the vinyl community gives articulatedmusic a nice sized audience for their posts to be seen by!

What articulatedmusic is doing isn’t as simple as it sounds. It’s one thing to get some figures and pose them with your records but to attempt to recreate album covers using those figures is something else and must take a lot of thought to create.

Some of the recreations are brilliant, others don’t work as well but given the limited options for these kind of pictures you have to admire articulatedmusic’s perseverance with it.

If you collect records and action figures you’re going to love this account so give articulatedmusic a follow!

Creative recreations of record covers using action figures on Instagram by articulatedmusic

How We Make Our Instagram Stand Out.

So, our @Vinyl_Community Instagram page might not be quite up to the exceptionally high creative standards of the accounts we’ve featured but we do try to stand out from others in the record community.

By doing a couple of things to keep our content fresh we avoid falling into the trap of basically posting the same photo over and over again, with nothing different but the record featured each time.

Setting The Scene.

Firstly, we like to change things around a bit with every post. We do that by using different backdrops to photograph the record against and the occasional use of relevant props.

If you look at our posts, we repeat the backdrops (turntables, rugs, desks etc..) we use at intervals so we’re not constantly looking for new ideas but at the same time none of the photos will have the same background that the previous picture had.

Dig Deep Into Your Collection.

Secondly, we try our best to post records that we don’t often see on our feed. Some of those records are slightly obscure, others I guess are ones that most people don’t think are cool enough to post! We also mix it up with format types, LPs, 12 inch singles, 45s, picture discs etc..

And of course, we vary the music genres. While we only want to see the records people actually like and listen to, those of us posting on @Vinyl_Community do have quite a wide range of music tastes so naturally we try to throw in a bit of everything. Variety is the spice of life after all!

Obviously there’s still plenty of room for improvement on our posts so we’ll be using the Instagram accounts we’ve featured as the inspiration for some more creative photographs in the future.

We hope this has given you some ideas for your vinyl posts. Now get creating!