Record Lovers And Band T-shirts.

Nirvana band t-shirt and Nevermind vinyl record for Vinyl T-shirt Tuesday
Nirvana band t-shirt and Nevermind LP for #vinyltshirttuesday

Vinyl T-shirt Tuesday.

Record collectors love band T-shirts! Well, that’s our observation from following the Vinyl Community’s Instagram posts.

There’s even a hashtag specifically for those of you who want to take selfies with your vinyl whilst wearing a T-Shirt related to your featured record. Although many of you have been sharing your vinyl / band T-shirt combo photos for years, it’s thanks to Lauren aka @record_lady that these posts now have their own tag.

If you want to participate, it happens every Tuesday. Just upload a photo or video using the #vinyltshirttuesday tag. It might not be the catchiest name but there’s over a thousand Instagram posts using it so far!

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👋🏻 Hey guys! Back after a longer than expected break, and back with my first #vinyltshirttuesday in forever! If you’re a jazz fan, you’re probably familiar with this recent release – Miles Davis’s Rubberband, a preciously unheard album that was finally given the treatment it deserved over 30 years after its recording. In the mid-80s, Davis wanted to do an album that was influenced by and part of the times. He wanted to work with younger musicians and capture the new sounds that were becoming ever more present in music at that time. The Rubberband recordings of 1985 were the result; however, these tracks were shelved in favor of a newer project from Davis that would come to be the Tutu album. @rhino_records has now brought these recordings to life under the supervision of original producers Randy Hall and Atalla Zane Giles with newly added vocals from Lalah Hathaway and Ledisi and overdubbed instrumentation to bridge some gaps in the original tapes. What results is an exciting view into this period of Davis’s career and his experimentation at the time. It’s the master treatment for a master’s recording, and very deserving of a listen! Hey Miles fans, what are your thoughts on Rubberband? . . . . . #nowspinning #milesdavis #rubberband #rhinorecords #jazzmusic #jazz #unreleased #vinyl #lp #records #vinylrecord #vinyligclub #vinylcommunity #vinylcollectionpost #instavinyl #vinyloftheday #vinylettes #vinyladdict #vinylnerd #vinyljunkie #recordcollection #vinylcollector #ilovediscogs #reverblp #33rpm

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Lauren @record_lady with matching Miles Davis’ Rubberband LP and T-shirt combo.

A Passion For Music.

It’s not really surprising that vinyl enthusiasts tend to buy a lot of band merchandise. Those of us who choose to go down the vinyl path are usually extremely passionate about our music, probably more so than your average casual music streamer. Building a record collection takes time, money, knowledge and dedication so you really have to immerse yourself in the music.

Naturally, we all think our own personal tastes are the best and in regards to music we want everyone to know that our tastes are impeccable! When it comes to the music we love we wear our hearts on our sleeves or in the case of T-shirts, on our short sleeves!  What better way to show off our musical preferences than by pulling on a well worn band tee!

The band T-shirt connection.

As a society we’re drawn to people we share common interests with and music preference can play a huge part in who we choose to form friendships with. How often have you said to someone you’ve recently met “So, what music are you into?” Not only is it an ice breaker, it’s also a great way to gauge whether the conversation is worth continuing with or not!

Spotting someone wearing a band T-shirt automatically gives you an idea of what type of music they like and if they’re someone you might want to get to know better before you’ve even spoken to them.

Band merch fashionistas.

Of course, not everyone wearing a band’s merch will be the mega fan you are and therefore might not share your enthusiasm for long chats about instrumental tracks from the said group’s second studio album.

And beware, T-shirt wearers may not be all that they seem at first glance. How many people walking around in a Dark Side Of The Moon shirt have never actually listened to the album in full? Quite a few I expect! That’s hipster fashion for you!

Also, pause for a moment before approaching the indie kid with Peter Andre’s face emblazoned on his top. I know you’re dying to let him know how ‘Mysterious Girl’ is your all time favourite tune but be aware that there’s a 99% probability that he’s wearing it ironically!

If however the tee wearer is reppin’ a really obscure band whose regularly gig is on a Thursday night at The Dog and Duck, then go for it. You are probably two of their biggest (and possibly only) fans and will get along brilliantly!

Get featured for Vinyl T-shirt Tuesday.

If you like matching your records to your band T-shirts and have the pics to prove it, we’d love to have a peak at them too.

We’ll be regularly featuring your Vinyl T-shirt Tuesday photos on Vinyl Community and in our Instagram stories so get using the #vinyltshirttuesday tag on your posts for us all to see! You can also tag us @Vinyl_Community or drop us a direct message to further catch our attention.

For the Vinyl Community, every day is for records but Tuesday’s are now also for band T-shirts!

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