Record Covers Recreated As Body Art By Mionyl

Have you ever contemplated painting the cover of your favourite album on your own face or body? Neither have we, but someone has.

Let us introduce you to the album cover body art queen of Instagram!

Vinyl collector and Instagram body artist Mionyl and her paintings of iconic record album covers.
Record collector and body paint artist Mio Kiora aka Mionyl on Instagram.

Mionyl – Vinyl And Body Art Enthusiast.

Mio Kiora, better known to most of us in the Instagram vinyl community as Mionyl (Mio + vinyl) is a record collector with an artistic flair.

If you’ve been following Mionyl’s account for some time, it was probably her model looks, cherry red lips and phenomenal music knowledge that first caught your attention.

More recently the Swedish record store worker has become known for her body art masterpieces, precisely replicated or painted in the style of iconic album covers.

Not only is she the artist of these amazing pieces but she also becomes the art, using her own face and body as the canvas for her creations.

We’ve compiled a few of our favourite body art posts from Mionyl so far and look forward to seeing many, many more of her amazing record cover recreations.

Our Favourite Album Cover Body Paintings

The Stone Roses – The Stone Roses.

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The day I did this paint I woke up feeling incredibly annoyed with myself. Hated all my ideas, everything I've done & everything I was going to do. I needed something to shake me up, both paint & music-wise. And the rebellious artwork & the confident music from this 1989 classic was the way to go. 🍋 • So I cancelled all my plans for the day & spent a fair amount of hours just splattering paint on myself, glueing lemons to my chest & enjoying this eyebrow-less moment I had to the fullest, while listening to this freeing, badass & simply 10/10 record. This psychedelic, dance-inducing, & viciously catchy record has NEVER failed to put me in a great place. A palate cleanser, a way to get back to a more neutral space if you will, get into a zone where nothing else matters but what I'm hearing. (Also, this record turned 30 this month so yaaay happy birthday baby! You're aging like fine wine & cheese.) 🎈 • So tell me a record (or more than one) that puts you in a great place immediately, no matter where you are or what you're doing! Let's talk about instant mood changers! 🍋💚 • • • PS. I was on a podcast. Not any podcast, one of my favorite podcasts: The Three Track Podcast with @gabrielebulue . I've put links everywhere: in my bio, in my story & it's of course available on his page as well. Give it a listen & let me know what you think. And subscribe because it's amazing. 💛

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Mio splattered herself with paint and glued lemons to her body to recreate the artwork for this Madchester musical masterpiece by The Stone Roses.

The original album artwork is a Jackson Pollock inspired piece by Stone Roses guitarist John Squire, titled ‘Bye Bye Badman’. He also provided a painting for one side of the inner sleeve.

When life hands you lemons, turned them into body art!

Metallica – Ride The Lightning.

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While I was browsing through my metal records the other day, trying to figure out what to play (i.e. giving me a reason not to fold laundry), I saw this legend of a record & immediately had the urge to paint lightning bolts on my face. Which I did (instead of folding laundry), & now it's on the internet, & I thought we'd take the opportunity to discuss favorite Metallica records. ⚡️ • I'm very picky when it comes to Metallica, but the ones I like I like so much it hurts my heart. And I prefer my Metallica with Cliff Burton. So that narrows it down to just three(ish) contenders. • I think most of us can agree that "Master Of Puppets" is a more refined, better produced & more cohesive album than RTL. So why do I prefer this one over MOP? Well, first of all MOP has become slightly overplayed for me personally. I'm also a bit tired of the endless "best 86 thrash album" conversation, because I feel like I have it at least once a week. But neither of these are MOP's fault really, it has nothing to do with the music so let's get into that for a bit instead. I like that RTL has no frills, just straight up, pure, magnificent, furious thrash. It's rawer, colder in a good way & in my opinion more aggressive than MOP, something I like. Just 8 tracks, nothing that shouldn't be there, only the essentials. 🌩 • But what about you? What's your preferred Metallica album? I know I focused on just two here, mainly because they're my favorites but what about you? Do you have a top 1/3/5? 🖤 #metallica #ridethelightning

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Metallica’s ‘Ride The Lightning’ isn’t an obvious choice for an album cover recreation considering it isn’t even one of Metallica’s most lauded albums! However, those lightning bolts highlighted against the night sky make for a shockingly good piece of body art.

Rather than directly copying the cover with its depiction of an electric chair at the centre of the storm, Mionyl chooses to expand the picture across her body and face.

Mio pulls it off brilliantly and looks electrifying!

The Who – Tommy.

Tommy, without doubt, falls into the category of icon albums. The Who’s rock opera was not only ground breaking musically but it also features the wondrous artwork of Mike McInnery throughout the LP.

Given the artistic brilliance of Mike McInnery’s cover for Tommy, it was an ambitious piece for Mionyl to transform into a body painting.

Did she succeed in her attempt at this piece of album cover body art?

Just see for yourself!

Bonobo – Black Sands.

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I’m not the one to pat myself on the back, but I think I did a pretty decent job turning myself into Bonobo’s “Black Sands” (let’s have in mind that I’m nothing but a mere record store worker). For those interested in the process, there’s a time-lapse pinned to my page under something like “Paint jobs”. I’ll add some outtakes over there too. Also, might add that I had to alter the scenery a bit so it could fit on my face better. 💙 • Enough of me, today I thought we’d talk about records we got into simply because the cover art caught our eye. Bonobo’s music was something that had been floating around in my periphery for a long time but I never really gave it, or him, my full attention. But in 2010 this gorgeous album cover with a picture taken at Derwentwater, England, in soothing, slightly cloudy hues of blues & greens, caught my eye. With a cover that serene, the music had to be just as pleasurable. And I wasn’t wrong. Simon Green’s, aka Bonobo, seamless blend of a plethora of genres turned out to be addictive from first listen. Sophisticated, but surely not boring, complex without showing off, layers upon layers of arrestingly beautiful sounds, an interesting mix of organic & synthetic. And I guess this series of adverbs, adjective & whatnot really tells you nothing about the music if you’re not familiar with @si_bonobo , but the genres often given to Green’s work are of the vague kind. So instead I suggest you give it a listen, spend some time with his art, starting with this one, just like I did, & work your way up to last year's magnificent “Migration”, which I’ve swooned over in a previous post. 😋 • So tell me an album that you got into just because you liked the cover? Or maybe you’ve been deceived by an intriguing cover? Something that looked delicious but turned out horrendous? Let’s talk! 🏞 #bonobo #blacksands

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The artwork for Bonobo’s Black Sands LP beautifully encapsulates the music on the album.

No doubt the term ‘natural beauty’ has been used to describe Mio plenty of times before but in this case she really is the depiction of natural beauty! She’s managed to capture the serenity of the record cover in an intricate mirror image painting on herself.

Much like Bonobo’s downtempo masterpiece, Mionyl’s body art recreation is almost picture perfect.

The 13th Floor Elevators – The Psychedelic Sounds Of The 13th Floor Elevators.

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In honor of the marvelous Roky Erickson turning 71 recently, I thought I'd do this to my body & we could talk a bit about psychedelic music, especially this little thing called "The Psychedelic Sounds of the 13th Floor Elevators". (I might add that I had a fever while deciding to do this post/making it/writing the text. It may have influenced me 🍭). • Using the word "psychedelic" as a way to describe music is something we are now very much used to in all genres, but back in 1966 this had never been printed on an album cover before, until The 13th Floor Elevators decided to put it in not only their liner notes, but also in the title, to describe the music they created. But for this band psychedelia was not only a way to reference the spacey sounds they made, it was clearly a mindset. Hall took the opportunity to write lyrics were he shared the benefits of psychedelic drugs, preferably LSD, & together with Erikcson's howling vocals, Sutherland's characteristic guitar playing & not to forget Walton on drums & Thurman/Leatherman on bass, they managed to make a record so colorful, unhinged & pleasingly trippy it's hard to resist even for the most intense anti-drug activist. 🎢 • It can be discussed whether or not The 13th Floor Elevators was the first psychedelic band or not, but they sure managed to bring their message to a broader audience, offering the masses music that makes your mind melt & slip into a stream of dreams, floating rapidly down a landscape of squiggly. surrealistic sounds with Roky's feral voice rumbling in the back of you mind, going downstream, on your way to another mind-altering dimension. And do I need to add that this album comes with magnificent liner notes? This album comes with magnificent liner notes. Read them. 🌈 • But enough of this album. Let's talk about other psychedelic rock albums that came after this one. What's your favorite psych rock album of all time? 🍄 #the13thfloorelevators

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All eyes are on Mionyl!

If you’re making what is largely considered to be one of the first psychedelic rock albums then you need a cover that is as trippy as the music.

John Cleveland designed this now iconic cover that not only matches the music perfectly but is also representative of the whole of the psychedelic sixties.

Mio, possibly hallucinating from a fever, has taken inspiration from the album cover to turn her face and body into a work of psychedelic fantasy!

Since Mionyl posted this amazing picture in honour of The 13th Floor Elevators’ founder and singer Roky Erickson, he has sadly since died. It remains a wonderful tribute post to him.

How Mionyl Creates Her Artwork

Mionyl’s finished pieces are so good that she is continuously accused of her pictures being Photoshopped!

If you need proof that these photos don’t involve any digital trickery, check out her Instagram stories where Mio videos the process she goes through in creating her body paintings.

They are great fun to watch and if you’re interested in creating your own album cover body art, you can learn a thing or two from Mionyl.

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