Vinyl Community Playlists.

To make it easier to listen to tracks from the records we post on Vinyl Community, we’ve curated some Spotify playlists for you!

You can check out all of our playlists by visiting our Spotify profile page and you’re welcome to follow us as we’ll continue to add more!

Vinyl Community Spotify Playlists
Vinyl Community Playlist
Vinyl Community Spotify Playlist for @Vinyl_Community on Instagram
Instagram Playlist

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Vinyl Community Playlist.

Firstly, we have our Vinyl Community playlist which contains most of the records you’ll find posted on this site, including alternate mixes and full albums so you can listen to them as they were intended to be heard.

This playlist is basically a collection of the music you, the Vinyl Community are listening to and will cover pretty much every genre of music from the 1940’s onwards as it continues to grow.

Vinyl Community Playlist.

Instagram Playlist.

Secondly, we have our Instagram playlist. This is a playlist of tracks from the records we’ve posted on our Instagram page @Vinyl_Community.

We’ve only selected one track from each record so you won’t hear too much of one artist and tracks are arranged in chronological order of when we’ve posted on Instagram so the playlist probably works best on shuffle mode.

Because this is a playlist of our records it’s obviously much more to our personal tastes so we do hope you like it! You’ll find lots of electronic music, quite a few indie tunes, a bit of soul, hip hop and classic rock along with random stuff that probably messes up the playlist flow but hey-ho, it’s there if you want to listen to it!

Most tracks you’ll probably already know but hopefully some of the tunes you hear will be new and agreeable to your ears. All in all, we think it makes for quite an eclectic mix!

Instagram Playlist part 1.

As our Instagram playlist was getting rather long we’ve curtailed it at 300 tracks (that’s 24 hours listening time!) and started a new one for our next 300 posts. We’ll keep updating part 2 of our Instagram playlist until we hit 600 tracks and move on to part 3!

Instagram Playlist part 2.

I know some of you just want to have a listen to the latest records we post on our Instagram, especially if they’re ones that are unfamiliar to you. To make that easier we’ve set up an ever changing Spotify playlist just for our last 20 IG posts so know more scrolling through hundreds of tracks to hear the one you want!

Instagram Playlist latest 20 posts.

Feel free to follow our Spotify playlists or share them with friends and family. We will continue to update them as we post records here and on Instagram.

Unfortunately, Spotify doesn’t have every record we post, especially the more obscure ones. It won’t always have our preferred mixes of tracks either, so if you’re wondering why we haven’t included something we’ve posted in one of the playlists, that’ll be the reason!

Happy listening!!