Tool | 72826 First Demo + Bonus

Tool – 72826 First Demo + Bonus Unofficial LP. Tool – 72826 First Demo + Bonus. Unofficial LP. 72826 is Tool’s 1991 demo tape made by the band while they were still unsigned and performing on LA’s underground rock scene. The cassette was sold to fans at their gigs for $6 and features early 4-track […]

Autechre | Amber

Autechre – Amber LP View this post on Instagram A post shared by decodemydna (@decodemydna) Autechre – Amber. LP. Album Tracks Autechre – Foil. Autechre – Montreal. Autechre – Slip. Autechre – Piezo. Autechre – Yulquen. Autechre – Nil. If you like electronic music check out some of the electronica records we’ve posted. Full Album […]

Shades Of Rhythm | Raw Stylus

Shades Of Rhythm – Homicide / Exorcist. Shades Of Rhythm – Homicide / Exorcist. 12 inch single. Shades Of Rhythm released one of the biggest UK techno records of the early nineties in Homicide/ Exorcist. The question it has always posed for listeners though is ‘What is your favourite track?’. One of the title tracks […]

AIR French Band | Beastie Boys

AIR French Band – Sexy Boy. AIR French Band – Sexy Boy. 12 inch single. AIR (or AIR French Band as they were sometimes known) tend to be associated in most people’s minds with the downtempo, dream pop sound of their first album, Moon Safari. While it’s true that the majority of their releases do […]

Chapterhouse | Whirlpool

Chapterhouse – Whirlpool LP. Chapterhouse – Whirlpool. LP. Chapterhouse have become synonymous with the shoegaze scene of the nineties and have no doubt inspired many artists to make similar music over the years. Whirlpool is one of the albums that best defines that scene with its effect laden tracks that blend the band’s instruments and […]