Welcome to the Vinyl Community!

A big hello and welcome from all of us at Vinyl Community. We are record collectors, vinyl enthusiasts, wax DJs and most importantly, music lovers. We’re sure you’re one or more of those too!

Here you’ll find the music you love on the format you love with posts from members of the vinyl community sharing records from their collections big and small.

Read their views on new vinyl releases and re-presses, enjoy as they wax lyrical about the records they have a personal attachment to and learn interesting facts about the singles and LPs they own.

You’ll find yourself emphatically agreeing with some of their opinions and at other times wondering how someone can like such dross! We’ve all got different tastes in music and that’s what’s so wonderful about the vinyl community.

Along the way you’ll discover music that’s new to you or that you never properly listened to before as well as seeing some of your all time favourites and records from your youth that you’d forgotten all about.

Whether you’re a long time record collector, one of the young generation just discovering the world of vinyl or a golden oldie getting back into dropping that needle into the groove, you’re all welcome into the vinyl community.

For the love of vinyl, let’s spin some records!

If you’d like us to feature your Instagram vinyl posts follow us @Vinyl_Community and either tag us in your post or direct message us to get our attention or use the #vinylcommunity tag which we follow (but may or may not see depending on what Instagram decides to show us!). If we like it, we’ll share it on here!

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